Monday, May 03, 2010


We're set to roll with four final episodes airing on the next three Tuesdays, with the series finale airing five days later on Sunday, the 23rd of May.

They're rerunning the pilot Saturday night. That's too much. What an idea. Can't wait to see what numbers IT does.


Have just realized that on 3/6/05, four days after 1.18, that first Hurley NUMBERS episode aired (and, of course, four weeks before the next new episode, DEUS muthafucking EX MACHINA aired), I woke up that Sunday and jammed out the entire 23-page epilogue of the monstrosity that was the first draft of the Gringo manuscript, got up out the chair and had dinner with Catherine, obviously got bombed down to the roots, then watched the second season of DEADWOOD premiere, one of the all-time best series moments with that header off the balcony, followed by the next to next to next to last episode of CARNIVALE, which, of course, by then my God. Think that one was Jonesy having dinner with his new in-laws.

And the whole manuscript took right at eight months to write.

All those numbers clicking in from the Wednesday it aired, the 2nd. And all the way back to last September. In our heads all the time and just waited for the signal. Just like magic.

20 days left to go. I'm really feeling pretty blue right now.


Posting will now assume a more scattershot and deranged manner as we drift on in here to at last the end. Do stay with me.

I need you. I need your strength.



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