Tuesday, April 27, 2010


This is, what, basically the opening of the series finale? Those are the beats. The bottom has dropped out of the –centrics and it’s scattershot all over the place, running through the roster fast as we can. Just so much going on pre-titles, only mentioning monster’s confirmation of being the Christian Shephard ghost nicely punctuated by Claire telling Jack that, from the moment he let Locke start talking, “You’re with him, now,” which of course, thunderous because that turns out to be the last line of the episode.

They came out guns blazing this week.

“Who the hell is Anakin?” SO GOOD. That old bit finally comes back around the other end and becomes wonderful.

The Sawyer/Kate exchange is the argument nullifying any lingering gits who might still be bitching about the parallel timeline format for this last season. The lack of continuity, the absolute sense of reset, such a refreshing shift to that pair’s chemistry, another classic scene conjured up when we least expect it, and with the titles still rolling.

Ha ha, and the purpose of that stick Locke Monster was carving was to smash up Zoe’s walkie-talkie. Say NO to being firebombed, though, guys.

Giacchino turns on the afterburners with the Desmond and Claire in the elevator scene, those strings are gut-wrenching. And then Ilana, ha. Oh, and then, too, that march while Sawyer and Jack have that pow-wow, this is some vintage going for broke orchestral business right here now, yes.

Desmond crushes it at the bottom of the well, to the surprise of none.

Sawyer handcuffing Sayid in one timeline, followed by saying “Thar she blows,” upon encountering The Elizabeth, is terrific juxtaposition.

And who could be prepared for the sight of those anything but dysfunctional and so smartly attired Shephard men strutting across the lobby? Classic, of course, though by this point we’re all clearly shrieking for even a glimpse of John Terry.

Oh, now see, shit, completely missed it the first time but now, Ilana asks Claire if she believes in Coincidence and then flips it later on and says Fate for the Shephard boys. The old Locke/Eko debate.

And is my man coming back or not? HOW CAN HE NOT?

“Not A Very Good Time,” “Get Off My Damn Boat,” or, the frontrunner, some version of “You’re With Me, Now,” are the standout episode titles, all of which, presumably made it to the final round.

Every time somebody talks about HYDRA Island, and this will probably never be exemplified to a more perfect extent than the conversation in which Sawyer christens Lapidus, Chesty, but I always think that all of a sudden the Steranko Nick Fury madness is just one slip of the knot away from being unleashed.

Just even try to hold it together with those strings Giacchino is singing over Sawyer and Kate arguing after Jack jumps in, not even counting how that mirrors him bailing out of the chopper, and right then cue that perfect call-back to going back, here and now, just too much.

“Dural sac’s obliterated,” and “I got this,” are crushing lines.

And you’ve of course got to love the random reunion after almost two entire seasons for the Koreans. Followed by the shellshock.

Shellshock possibly could have been the best title for this episode. Though I’m quite surprised that it wasn’t a riff on You’re With Me, or, really, the Sawyer on the boat line, if only because I’m just realizing how evocative of Twain that whole bit really is.

I bow to you, Island Faithful, oh, and Namaste for just a little while longer.


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