Thursday, March 20, 2008

>: 76 JI YEON

Hints, man. Always the hints. First scene, Frank Lapidus is being pressured to take off by, come on, some guy called Kimi? But he takes the lunch down. Where was he going, eventually?

Sayid. The note. “Three days ago. When I was in Locke’s camp. Ben claimed he had a spy on this boat.” Was that all bullshit for the imagined listening devices? Did Michael write the note? Isn’t Michael certainly the spy? If so, why is he slipping in notes in the third person? If all of this is followed by DON'T TRUST THE CAPTAIN in block letters, are we not supposed to dash ourselves against the rocks of his forthcoming questions?

Truly heartbreaking stuff while Sun’s in bed, calling for Jin. Dead. Right into the (turns out) flash-back where the guy at the curio store gives it away, Year of the Dragon is 2000, everyone knows that, next one won’t be until ’12, so there you are right there, but most, almost all, are caught in the narrative thread, failing to perceive the flash-split.

Wow, Bernard’s We Must Be the Good Guys speech was pretty over the top. Totally though he and Jin were going to get sacrificed last season finale with their good buddy, which cues Sayid on the freighter…

Ha ha haaaa. So much for Zoe.

The huge lines of the night:

“What exactly is going on here?” D.D. Hume

“Now can you imagine what kind of resources go into pulling off a feat of that magnitude?” The Captain

“Where exactly does one come across 324 dead bodies?” ibid

(And Ben did it? REALLY?!? Staged it? VS Charles Widmore? This is really too much to think about just now.)

“I’ll do all it takes to protect you and the baby. I promise.” Jin Kwon. What more really needs to be said?

(well, I will say that Jin dropping the two month thing, right into Hurley showing up at the front door in the suit right into that old Eb theme in the graveyard about crushed me. Again)



Thursday, March 13, 2008


So, Goodwin was cheating on his wife. Not smart for Juliet to be sleeping with her shrink’s man. I thought for a second Juliet was Oceanic 6 when she said she didn’t like being a celebrity. But, no. Mustache Tom plants this firmly in the past.

I love how it still starts raining just like clockwork and it doesn’t seem weird to anyone, ever. And speaking of old mysteries, the voices return. Do they have something to do with the monster? With Harper’s return appearance? She certainly exits in an odd, almost smoky way. I mean, she freaking disappeared. Did Ben really tell Harper those things? That doesn’t seem likely.

And we have The Tempest. An electrical station that powers the island. And the place where Ben keeps his poison gas and had Goodwin working. Good to know.

The look on Ben’s face while he’s putting together the fact that Juliet and Goodwin are having an affair is some masterful acting.

Juliet looks just like whom? What woman from Ben’s past do we not know about? Surely not little Jenny from the swing set.

Great to go back, again, to the top of 3.1, the plane crashing. Shades of Nikki/Paolo Syndrome, though. Oh yeah, Harper was there all along, she walked up just before the camera cut away from Goodwin.

And another videotape. I think that’s my favorite part about this show, finding clues, more pieces of the puzzle. Widmore is in fact the power behind the boat. Big answer. Wonder what he would have thought of the fact that Brothah Hume was hopping back and forth before and after their conversation last week.

So, Ben tells Locke who the mole on the boat is. Damn you, commercial break!

Ben talking about Goodwin making a case for Ana-Lucia’s redemption is pretty great, two years after the fact. So it was his relationship with Juliet that bought Goodwin a ticket to the tail-section? Was there a similar reason behind Ethan’s assignment?

Nothing too shocking at the end here. I’m getting more and more worried about James Ford as weeks go by, though.

Thursday, March 06, 2008


The real question this week, is: Did Desmond change anything with these jumps? Or was he just completing the far side of the equation, doing what was already done? He said he had leave that weekend when he went to see Penny. Did he not go back? Was this the cause of his desertion? Meaning, was all this supposed to happen? Did anything change? Faraday didn’t seem to remember him, acted surprised to see that note in his journal, but it’s already been set up that he has memory leakage probably due to radiation overexposure. Yeah, they talk about that when they meet, Desmond actually says “Maybe you forgot”.

Stew has a great question: If Eloise dies, how can Faraday teach her to run the maze in the future? The jumps DO change things? Did Faraday teach her in the elapsed hour that Desmond was out, right before she died? Maybe. Faraday thinks Eloise’s brain short-circuited. Lindelof can’t help referring to Fisher Stevens(Minkowski)’s classic movie. Viva #5.

Who is the Captain? A “he”.

So, Minkowski went through the barrier surrounding the island? With a guy named Brandon. How exactly did he get the Desmond jumping syndrome? And Penny has the number to the boat? Who’s running the boat? What is their relation to Penny?

Who is the spy? Chris Kimbley knows.

So great to fold the Black Rock back in.

So, if it’s Christmas Eve, then 815 crashed 94 days ago, rest-of-the-world-relative. Even though a couple of episodes ago Jack explicitly stated that it had been 100 days since he’d seen the Red Sox in a way that demanded attention. So yeah, that tracks, time is moving faster on the island than off it.

7946-0893 is Penny’s number. Good to know.

So does Desmond outrun the MouseTrap and survive because he established Penny as his Constant? Is he safe now? “It was enough”.

So yeah, Faraday’s reaction was surprise to see that note he wrote, but I’m pretty sure it’s always been there.

LOST is my constant.